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Coffee Growing Regions

The coffee plant is a unique and bautiful bush that grows in the warm climates of the earth. In general coffee can be found in growing regions along the equator. Some of the leaders in coffee cultivation include Brazil, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Coffee is found in other various growning regions throughout Central and South America, such as Mexico and Colombia. Gourmesso gathers its coffee from all over the world to offer you unique espressos and lungos! One of our favorite blends comes from the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica.

Coffee From Tarrazú

Tarrazú is a canton in Costa Rica, and although it is one of the least developed tourist areas, it is one of the worlds best known regions for coffee cultivation. About 250 years ago, Costa Rica imported the first coffee plants to Tarrazú and since then the famous Arabica coffee has been growing there. The altitudes (3,900-4,900 feet) and the pleasant climate of a balanced mix of precipitation, sun and even temperatures, have a positive impact on the coffee plants. In Tarrazú, the average annual temperature is about 66 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for the coffee plants. Also, the nutrient-rich volcanic soil significantly contributes to the special and unique flavor of the coffee. In Tarrazú coffee is mainly harvested from November to March, the local dry season.

The intense aroma of Tarrazú's Arabica coffee develops because of the high altitudes in which the plants grow along with the mild temperatures. The coffee beans in this climate can then ripen longer, which allows them to better develop their flavor. Coffee beans from Tarrazú have a spicy aroma and a fruity acidity, and with the Gourmesso slow-roasting process, we can capture this intense yet smooth flavor.

The coffee from Tarrazú is hightly regarded and greatly sought after, so it shouldn't be missed when trying our Gourmesso varieties. You can enjoy it as a pure espresso with its intense flavor, but it is also ideal to prepare an exquisite cappuccino. Gourmesso Tarrazú Forte is the pioneer of our "Single Origin" varieties, and its coffee beans come 100% from Tarrazú.

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Gourmesso's 'Single Origin' blend comes from the Tarrazu coffee growing region of Costa Rica