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Gourmesso Cleaning Capsules 10 Capsules

Gourmesso Cleaning Capsules (10 Capsules)
£9.99 10 per pack (£19.98 / 100g)
£9.99 10 per pack (£19.98 / 100g)
£9.99 10 per pack (£19.98 / 100g)
£9.99 10 per pack (£19.98 / 100g)
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Quick, easy and thorough! Introducing the Gourmesso cleaning capsules for Nespresso®* machines, the best way to keep your machines running like new. Regular use of your coffee machine leaves marks – even if it is not visible from the outside. Especially in inaccessable areas such as brew chamber and exit spout is is hard to remove build-ups and oily residues - even for conventional descalers. This leads to bitter tasting coffee. Our cleaning capsules can easily remove these residues and help  maintain your Nespresso®* coffee machine.

Your benefits at a glance:

• Hygienic cleaning of your Nespresso®* machine
• Enhances the flavor for better tasting espresso
• Extends the life of your coffee machine and prevents damages due to deposits and dirt
• Food-safe, phosphate free and odorless
• Formular biodegradable

To use the cleaning capsules is as easy as making a cup of coffee:

  • 1. Place the cleaning capsule into the Nespresso®* machine as usual.
  • 2. Press the button for a large cup of coffee. Make sure a sufficient large collecting basin is placed under the exit spout.
  • 3. In the inside of the machine a foam begins to form to absorb and remove oily residues and build-ups. Leave in for at least 2 minutes to work.
  • 4. Remove the cleaning capsule from the Nespresso®* machine. Caution: The used capsule may contain hot water.
  • 5. Close the lever and press the button for a large cup twice again to rinse.
  • Additional information:

  • • Weight: 50 g
  • • Compatible with Nespresso®* OriginalLine machines 
  • • Formular is food-safe and biodegradable
  • • Gourmesso recommends a regular use of cleaning capsules to extend the life of your Nespresso®* machine and to enjoy your daily dose of coffee down to the last drop.

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