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Alternative to Nespresso®* Fortissio Lungo

Nespresso®* Fortissio Lungo vs Gourmesso Lungo Italico Forte

Gourmesso - Your Alternative to Nespresso®* Capsules

Welcome! We at Gourmesso make coffee capsules, which are suitable with all Original Line Nespresso®* machines. We offer savings of up to 30% off per capsule, compared to the original Nespresso®* capsules, without sacrificing excellence in coffee quality. Our Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsules are available in 28 different Lungo and Espresso varieties. Gourmesso also takes environmental responsibility seriously; therefore, all Gourmesso capsules are filled with Fairtrade Certified coffee.

To guide you and facilitate your "transition" to a reliable equivalent to the usual Nespresso®* capsules, we have produced a mini-guide listing the different Nespresso®* capsules and their equivalents at Gourmesso. Additionally, if you are looking for a Nespresso®* Fortissio Lungo equivalent, this page will also guide you. To make these comparisons, we relied mainly on two criteria: the intensity and the origin of the coffee beans. As far as possible, the various flavor profiles were also taken into account in the evaluation.

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The Nespresso®* Fortissio Lungo - What makes it so special?

A very popular blend of the Grand Cru Lungo is Nespresso®* Fortissio Lungo. Lungo means “long” in Italian and it refers to the process of using twice as much water to make a cup of espresso. This method produces a cup of espresso that is more aromatic and a little more bitter.

The Nespresso®* Fortissio Lungo is a favorite of people looking for a definite coffee experience but who don't want to be overwhelmed by too intense flavor. While being made of the finest Arabica beans available this coffee will definitely create a longer more pleasurable drinking experience for the most discerning coffee drinker.

A Nespresso®* Fortissio Lungo review highlights the blends South and Central American Arabica beans with an addition of Robusta. This special coffee carries a strong aroma of dark beans that might make you think of a strong (maybe too strong) cup of coffee. The Nespresso®* Fortissio Lungo offers malty hints, with sweet notes of cereal that finish bold and smooth.

Nespresso®* Fortissio Lungo - How to drink it?

Actually, the intensity of this blend is only rated at a 7. You might find this powerful but its doubtful you'll be overwhelmed. This coffee is perfectly combined with strong foods because it won't be overpowered by the tastes of the meal. It also makes a great after dinner coffee especially if the dinner was full of sharp or strong flavors.

Its aromatic profile highlights a full body and bitter base that supports the aroma of intensely roasted beans, along with woody notes, and the typical cereal note that comes from the Robusta. Nespresso®* Fortissio is clearly the choice for individuals who prefer their coffee strong and its usually prepared as a Lungo but it also works well as an Espresso.

The Gourmesso Alternative - Lungo Italico Forte

Nespresso®* Fortissio Lungo vs Gourmesso Lungo Italico Forte price comparison

Nespresso®* Fortissio Lungo vs Gourmesso Lungo Italico Forte

A capsule in the Lungo range, this malty blend has a distinguished and rich aroma with cereal notes. West Indian Malabar Arabica beans are exposed to monsoon winds after harvest and these beans are blended with Latin American Arabica beans to create a coffee blend with an intense character. Unlike the previous two lungo varieties, Nespresso® * Fortissio Lungo offers a decidedly stronger taste thanks to its high intensity. We recommend our Lungo Italico Forte which has intensity of 10.

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Find your perfect substitute between the Nespresso®* and Gourmesso varieties

Are you curious to know the equivalent varieties of your Nespresso®* capsules at Gourmesso? In the sections that follow, we have compiled a summary of Nespresso®* varieties with their equals from Gourmesso. So, no need to hesitate before choosing your Gourmesso capsules, you simply have to check your favorite Nespresso®* capsules! And for even more accuracy, you can go to the full page with a comparison chart.

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