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Alternative to Nespresso®* Linizio Lungo

Nespresso®* Linizio Lungo vs Gourmesso Lungo Latino Mezzo

Gourmesso - Your Alternative to Nespresso®* Capsules

Welcome! We at Gourmesso make coffee capsules, which are suitable with all Original Line Nespresso®* machines. We offer savings of up to 30% off per capsule, compared to the original Nespresso®* capsules, without sacrificing excellence in coffee quality. Our Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsules are available in 28 different Lungo and Espresso varieties. Gourmesso also takes environmental responsibility seriously; therefore, all Gourmesso capsules are filled with Fairtrade Certified coffee.

To guide you and facilitate your "transition" to a reliable equivalent to the usual Nespresso®* capsules, we have produced a mini-guide listing the different Nespresso®* capsules and their equivalents at Gourmesso. Additionally, if you are looking for a Nespresso®* Linizio Lungo equivalent, this page will also guide you. To make these comparisons, we relied mainly on two criteria: the intensity and the origin of the coffee beans. As far as possible, the various flavor profiles were also taken into account in the evaluation.

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The Nespresso®* Linizio Lungo - What makes it so special?

The Nespresso®* Linizio Lungo is a popular roast due to its mild and well-rounded flavor that scores only a very mild 4 on the intensity scale. This rich and velvety blend combines the strong cereal and enhancing malts of multiple roasts in order to create a balanced, smooth aroma profile.

For the Nespresso®* Linizio Lungo, Nespresso®* starts with a darker Bourbon blend of beans from Brazil, which are washed, de-pulped, and dried in the sun with mucilage intact. They then meld that roast with Colombian Arabica beans that are fermented with mucilage and then washed to create a sweetness that evokes memories of sugar cane. The Nespresso®* Linizio Lungo blend uses split roasting to enhance both flavors, pairing the Bourbon’s cereal notes that result from a longer roast harmoniously with the softer notes of the Arabica’s lighter, shorter roast.

It has remained a popular blend since its launch in 2013 as part of Nespresso®*'s permanent Grand Cru coffee range, and it was designed specifically for morning coffee drinkers, as the “inizio” refers to the start of the day. Even as a lungo, the Nespresso®* Linizio Lungo is quite mild, but maintains its flavor profile through the blending of unique roasts that together create a stimulating coffee drinking experience.

Nespresso®* Linizio Lungo - How to drink it?

A Nespresso®* Linizio review highlights this lungo as very smooth, feeling light with a stronger after-taste coffee. On one hand, longer roasting yields a darker bean that reveals the malted cereal notes of the Bourbon beans. On the other hand, shorter roasting of the Arabica from Colombia yields lighter beans and highlights the softer notes reminding of sugar cane, specific to its region of origin. As consequence, Nespresso®* Linizio results in a coffee best enjoyed in a large cup as a Lungo.

The Gourmesso Alternative - Lungo Latino Mezzo

Nespresso®* Linizio Lungo vs Gourmesso Lungo Latino Mezzo price comparison

Nespresso®* Linizio Lungo vs Gourmesso Lungo Latino Mezzo

A round, smooth and balanced Lungo blend, Linizio is a pure Arabica from South America made with Brazilian and Colombian coffee. Being split-roasted gives the blend a malty, cereal note, typical of the Bourbon variety, but it maintains a mild character. So, like the Vivalto Lungo the Nespresso®* Linizio Lungo is said to have sweet note to it. For a similar experience, try Gourmesso's Lungo Latino Mezzo, which is made of a similarly mild blend of Arabicas with the unique addition of a Vietnamese Robusta that results in a perfect flavor profile with fruity notes and a very rich crema.

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Find your perfect substitute between the Nespresso®* and Gourmesso varieties

Are you curious to know the equivalent varieties of your Nespresso®* capsules at Gourmesso? In the sections that follow, we have compiled a summary of Nespresso®* varieties with their equals from Gourmesso. So, no need to hesitate before choosing your Gourmesso capsules, you simply have to check your favorite Nespresso®* capsules! And for even more accuracy, you can go to the full page with a comparison chart.

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