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Hazelnut  Nocciola

dark roast
Hazelnut - Nocciola
£2.89 10 per pack (£5.78 / 100g)
£2.89 10 per pack (£5.78 / 100g)
£2.89 10 per pack (£5.78 / 100g)
£2.89 10 per pack (£5.78 / 100g)
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The Hazelnut - Nocciola blend receives its balanced and full-bodied bouquet from finely ground Arabica and Robusta beans from South America and Asia. Enjoy a unique taste experience through this exquisitely sophisticated hazelnut flavoured espresso.

Nocciola - The Hazelnut Coffee Capsules

The aromatic hazelnut meets the unmistakable Gourmesso coffee in this unique blend. The combination can only be described as a true taste explosion. These two flavours merge, while complementing each other to perfection. As with Nespresso®* capsules, you can expect a rich and bold espresso from us. When you choose to shop with us you save 30% with our high quality capsules for Nespresso®* machines.

The long journey of the hazelnut

Hazelnuts are the fruits of the hazel bush. This shrub is particularly widespread in the northern hemisphere. Hazelnut bushes can be found widely throughout Germany, a country famous for it's hazelnut infused chocolates. With one of our headquarters being in this country known for innovation, we had to introduce a European speciality with our hazelnut coffee capsules. It is believed that the hazelnut originally came from Turkey in the area around the Black Sea cost. From there it first reached Rome and Greece and soon spread throughout the whole world.

Wonderfully intense flavour

The finely ground Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that come from Brazil are the perfect basis for the Hazelnut - Nocciola coffee capsules. The Hazelnut - Nocciola has an intensity of five. During the brewing process they absorbed the warm scent and flavour of roasted hazelnut. This magical new Nespresso®* compatible capsule will captivate you, leaving asking for more. Try it now.


Ground roasted coffee, hazelnut flavour 3%

Nutrition Facts

Hazelnut - Nocciola
100 ml
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Total Carbonhydrate
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