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Caramel  Caramello

dark roast
Caramel - Caramello
£2.89 10 per pack (£5.78 / 100g)
£2.89 10 per pack (£5.78 / 100g)
£2.89 10 per pack (£5.78 / 100g)
£2.89 10 per pack (£5.78 / 100g)
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The mild flavour of Caramello comes from its blend of finely ground Arabica and Robusta beans and our slow roasting process. With a hint of caramel, this espresso develops an unforgettable aroma.


The sweet smell of caramel makes every candy lover’s heart beat a little faster. At Gourmesso, it was clear that we could never leave this flavour out of our coffee capsules range. We are very proud to introduce the Caramello blend. This flavour is a similar high quality espresso blend you'd could expect from different Nespresso®* capsules, but at a price that's 30% more affordable.

Coffee Capsules with a hint of Caramel

The word caramel comes from the French word “Caramel” which means “burnt sugar”. Depending on how high you heat the sugar, its color will change from amber to deep brown. The caramel develops its unmistakable aroma during this heating process. The sweetness of the caramel blends extremely well with the strong aromatic taste of our espresso. The flavour found in these coffee capsules makes a perfect espresso to use in latte recipes, especially those using honey and almond milk. Just simply make a double shot wiht the Caramello, whip some almond milk with a Nespresso®* frother, or by hand, and add a spoonful of honey. This exotic and unique coffee drink is sure to impress any guest and delight those palates looking for something new.

Arabica and Robusta beans

The mild flavour of Caramello by Gourmesso comes from finely ground Arabica and Robusta beans, mixed and roasted with care. The espresso blend in our Nespresso®* compatible capsules is combined with a hint of caramel making this flavour a truly unforgettable experience.


Ground roasted coffee, caramel flavour 3%

Nutrition Facts

Caramel - Caramello
100 ml
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Saturated Fat
Total Carbonhydrate
Tarrazu Forte
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