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Decaf Chocolate  Decaf Cioccolato

dark roast
Decaf Chocolate - Decaf Cioccolato
£2.59 10 per pack (£5.18 / 100g)
£2.59 10 per pack (£5.18 / 100g)
£2.59 10 per pack (£5.18 / 100g)
£2.59 10 per pack (£5.18 / 100g)
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Organically grown and gently decaffeinated, Gourmesso’s Decaf Chocolate espresso uses 100% Peruvian Arabica beans in combination with a soft chocolate flavour to create a unique drinking experience. Enjoy the blissful taste of chocolate and coffee together, knowing that this decaf espresso was sourced according to fair trade standards and carries the seal of a certified Fairtrade International coffee.


Also introducing, the new Gourmesso packaging! We'll be working to slowly switch all of our packaging to this new design throughout 2017. We hope you enjoy the vibrant new look.


Decaf Chocolate – Decaffeinated espresso with a touch of chocolate

Just because you want less caffeine from an espresso doesn’t mean it should come without amazing taste. Gourmesso is proud to present the Decaf Chocolate coffee pods for Nespresso®* machines, for those who want low caffeine levels in combination with delicious flavor. The bonus details are that it’s also organic and Fairtrade.

Aroma and Flavor

Chocolate has been an indulgence for centuries. Enjoyed by royalty and now by the entire world, there is no time of year when chocolate is not in season, as it can be enjoyed in hot or cold climates and creates a divine pairing with espresso and coffee flavours. Two of the world’s favourite aromas come together to provide you with the ultimate drinking experience in this blend.

Source of Coffee Beans

For these Decaf Chocolate coffee pods for Nespresso®* machines, Gourmesso exclusively uses Arabica coffee beans from the South American country of Peru. Our coffee beans are sourced from Fairtrade Certified small scale farmers. First, the beans are gently decaffeinated using a natural water process. Next, the beans undergo a slow roasting process to bring out their strong and charismatic notes and ensure an exquisite crema. Finally, the beans are ground to the approximate espresso grade

Organic Certification: DE-ÖKO-007


Ground roasted coffee, natural chocolate flavour 3%

Nutrition Facts

Decaf Chocolate - Decaf Cioccolato
100 ml
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Total Carbonhydrate

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