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Fair Trade Coffee from Honduras

Honduras is bordered by its neighbors Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador as well as both the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea at the widest part of the Central American land bridge. A huge mountain range extends east to west, and among these highlands you will find the many coffee-producing regions of Honduras.

The majority of the population can be found in the highlands northwest of the capital Tegucigalpa. The valleys near the Caribbean coast are covered with numerous banana plantations.

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The Honduran climate is first and foremost of tropical nature. Only the higher mountain regions provide a more moderate weather. Similar to Mexico, Honduras has an impressive ecosystem. Some of the most imposing natural phenomena can be found at Honduras, inclduing the largest pristine contiguous rain forest in Central America and one of the largest coral reef ecosystems in the world, coming a close second after the Great Barrier Reef. Apart from the spectacular flora Honduras also impresses with its diverse wildlife. From monkeys to crocodiles to jaguars and ocelots, numerous exotic and varied species are found in and around Honduras.

Coffee Cultivation

Bananas have long been the main export product of Honduras. In the 60s, the yellow fruits made up about 50% of all exports coming from Honduras. After serious intervention of the government concerning production and marketing, the export of bananas, however, dropped significantly.

In turn, the exported amount of coffee increased and Honduras became the sixth largest exporter of Arabica coffee beans. It was also a coffee farmer from the municipality Capucas, Omar Rodriguez, who initiated the Cooperativa Limitada Cafetalera Capucas (COCAFCAL). The idea behind this project was to share knowledge about the cultivation and marketing of coffee with the local farmers. Over the past few years, more and more farmers joined the organization to form an effective network of knowledge and ideas. The daily work of COCAFCAL contributes significantly to the improvement of living conditions and the reduction of poverty.

Fair Trade Projects

The General Board of COCAFCAL currently consists of 10 members - 9 of them are women. In close cooperation with the individual members the General Board decides on individual projects.

Social & Health

Money generated from the Fair Trade initiative has been invested in a library. The institution offers both adults and children alike access to literature and learning materials as well as 11 computers and printers. Apart from IT courses, the COCAFCAL also launched programs to help with homework and to encourage sports participation in children.

Education & Training

In addition to the expansion of primary schools COCAFCAL awards children of members with scholarships allowing them access to higher education. Courses in IT, environmental and social complement the training programs.


In close cooperation with local organizations the COCAFCAL supports the poorest of the poor with the construction of so-called organic kitchen gardens. These gardens offer families the opportunity to grow nutritious vegetables throughout the entire year. This helps when money is tight in the months outside of the annual coffee harvesting time. The COCAFCAL works tirelessly to improve the working conditions for everyone involved.

Optimizing Quality & Production

Special training programs help local farmers both increase the production of beans as well as the efficiency of their operations. Another program is based on the development of an organic fertilizer, in order enhance the yields for organic farming. Additional programs help source inexpensive trees for expanding operations and starting new farms. Working to constantly improve the quality of the coffee in the region is central to the projects initiated by the COCAFCAL.


57 physicians per 100,000 inhabitants is the appalling medical record for Honduras. COCAFCAL invested parts of Fair Trade money in qualified doctors to expand medical availability and ensure permanent medical care for all workers.


The COCAFCAL supports the training an education of women in the region to become experts in all aspects of the coffee industry. Small loans are granted to projects like beekeeping and tourism to support an independent income.

Gourmesso Fair Trade

You will find Fair Trade certified coffee produced by the Cooperativa Limitada Cafetalera Capucas in our Latino Mezzo Lungo and our Blend Ristretto Forte. When you enjoy Gourmesso Fair Trade coffee you are supporting local farmers around the globe, and contributing to projects unique and enriching for all participants.;

Together with you, we at Gourmesso would like to contribute to the Fair Trade movement and promote a fair cooperation for everybody involved. In our Gourmesso Online Shop you can find a variety of Fair Trade products which will deliver the different flavors from around the world directly to your home.