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Fair Trade Coffee from India

With over 1.3 billion inhabitants (as of August 2017), India ranks second in the world ranking of the countries with the largest population. The Federal Republic of India is subdivided into 29 federal states. To the north of the country, the Himalayas is a natural border. To the south, the Indian Ocean surrounds the multiethnic state. The religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism have originated in India. As a dominant religion, Hinduism has established itself. Nearly 80% of the population is Hindus, only 0.7% are Buddhists. India has a particularly diverse animal world, including the Indian elephant, the king and the Schneeleopard. Due to the geographic location between the 8th and the 37th latitude, a predominantly subtropical continental climate is found in northern and central India, while a maritime tropical climate is predominant in the south and the coast.

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Coffee Growing

In addition to cotton, sugar cane, tea, tobacco and spices, coffee is one of the most important commercial cultivation products of India. Many different types of bean are grown, the most famous perhaps being Robusta, which accounts for more than half of total coffee production. The Southern region contains the most coffee growing areas, forming what is known today as the Coffee Belt. But this is not the only place you’ll find coffee cultivation, the mountainous highlands of India also offer excellent growing conditions for coffee. Today, India has become the fifth largest coffee producer worldwide. The Manarcadu Social Service Society ( MASS ), founded in 2008, supports local coffee farmers in the development of enhanced production methods and the transition to a sustainable cultivation of coffee. The voice of the individual farmers and communities is of particular importance and is supported and demanded in monthly meetings and votes. In collaboration with government programs and non-governmental organizations MASS promotes organic farming in the regions and has been Fair Trade certified since 2009.

Fair Trade Projects

The cooperative employs an agricultural specialist who provides information on organic farming and climate changes to the local farmers. The continued research is so famous that the specially founded Bio Centre in Santhigram has become a real magnet for tourists. However, beyond the sight-seers Fair Trade has promoted and supported many projects on incredible worth to the lives and livelihoods of the local farming communities.

Optimizing Production and Quality

Money is invested in the treatment and renewal of soil and plants guaranteeing long-term and profitable production.


MASS focuses on raising awareness in the field of organic agriculture. Through information campaigns drawing attention to problems and hazards of pesticides and chemicals, awareness for sustainable cultivation is developed and intensified. The investment in bio-fertilizer and organic pesticides also ensures an increase in both production and efficiency. Further, MASS supports farmers financially in the transition to organic farming.


The constant growth of the community triggers a constant improvement and extension of the local infrastructure. Many new investments beyond traditional production materials help keep farmers at the edge of current technology: vehicles, peelers and scales were purchased to improve the production process. As for buildings, new investments included 15 collection and information centers to sustain the growth of knowledge and the science of coffee agriculture.


The Fair Trade Initiative has invested some of the money in the expansion of wells on individual farms, in order to promote an environmentally conscious and optimized use of water.


Encouraging the expression of women's rights is particularly important in rural India. MASS hopes to convince more women to join the Cooperative Union though customized support.

Gourmesso Fairtrade

When you buy Fair Trade coffee from Gourmesso, you help organizations like the Manarcadu Social Service Society train and support local coffee farmers. Enjoy the unique, exotic culture of India in every sip of varied blends such as Brasile Blend Dolce, Nicaragua Mezzo Forte Blend Ristretto, Etiopia Blend Forte and Mezzo Lungo Latino. All within your easy reach thanks to the Gourmesso Online Shop. No plane ticket or travel visa required!