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Fair Trade Coffee from Mexico

Mexico connect many only with cacti, Sombreros, Speedy Gonzalez or the Breaking Bad series. In fact, the southern neighbor of the US has a lot more to offer than barren landscapes and siesta. The Mexican climate offers a wide range of weather conditions thanks to the exclusive location between the tropics and subtropics. From alpine weather to desert climate, everything is possible in Mexico. As one of the twelve "biodiversity hotspots", Mexico is blessed with an extraordinary diversity of species. The Central American state is home to over 200,000 animal and plant species.

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Coffee Growing

Coffee is one of the most important commercial goods in Mexico. With more than 700,000 hectares, Mexico has the world's fourth largest coffee-growing area. The varied climate provides excellent conditions for coffee crops. In the highlands are numerous small plantations. Coffee was introduced in Mexico in the early 19th century in the Cordoba region. Today, Mexico is the third largest coffee producer on the American double continent. Mexico is a pioneer in the organic cultivation of coffee. Early on, bees were used as natural pest control agents, thus significantly reducing the exposure to chemical pesticides.

During the season the coffee beans are picked by hand and then washed. After the pulp of the coffee grinder has been removed, the beans are washed again, fermented and dried. At this time, the coffee is known as "café pergamino" or "parchment coffee" because a thin paper-like layer forms around the beans. This is removed before exporting.

The Federación Indígena Ecológica de Chiapas (FIECH) is a group of three small cooperatives from Chiapas province, in the south-east of Mexico, and our local fairtrade partner. The organization was founded in 1993 and today has more than 3800 members. By selling Fairtrade-certified products, the members of FIECH can be individually supported and supported. The main focus is on the development of existing knowledge as well as the improvement of social, economic and environmental problems.

Fair Trade Projects

Investments in workshops and other educational opportunities has increased coffee yields, as well as overall efficiency. You can find out more about the specific projects in the following sections.

Optimizing Production and Quality

A nursery was founded by FIECH, with more than 2 million plants, which continuously supplies local farmers with new coffee plants. Thanks to Fair Trade more than 3,000 hectares can be equipped with new coffee plants. The replacement of old trees by young plants allows for a higher yield and thus better productivity of individual farms. The increased productivity also increases revenues which are reinvested in farms and cooperatives.

Sustainable cultivation

Coffee plants are very demanding on the surrounding environment, season after season. Farmers receive from FIECH both technical support as well as an organic agricultural toolkit to ensure sustainable cultivation without damage to the soil or the surrounding environment.


For children who live in remote areas, the school path can sometimes be extremely cumbersome and dangerous. FIECH supports the education of children and adolescents through the construction of boarding schools, which enable students to spend the week at school. By expanding and promoting appropriate training facilities on the ground, the migration to larger cities can also be reduced.

Infrastructure and Economics

To allow better quality control, FIECH has built a new warehouse and items purchased . The Fair Trade premiums also allow the guarantee of microcredit to allow not only the running of existing farms but their expansion and development.

Gourmesso Fairtrade

Gourmesso supports the projects of the fairtrade organization in Mexico as a partner of Federación Indígena Ecológica de Chiapas. The possible traceability of the used coffee is one of the most important principles of the fairtrade movement. Fairtrade coffee from FIECH is part of the Messico Blend Forte, Lungo Arabica Forte and all Flavor varieties. Get a piece of the fascination of Mexico in the domestic four walls and enjoy Fairtrade experience through Gourmesso today!