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Tips for Your Nespresso®* Machine

Here you will find the answers to some common questions about your Nespresso®* machine:

How often should I descale my Nespresso® machine*?

In most cases, descaling can improve you machine’s function if the flow of water during the brewing process needs more time than usual, or the brewing sound is louder than usual. A general rule of thumb is to descale your machine every three months to prevent these problems.

How do I descale my Nespresso® machine*?

To descale your machine, you need one pack of Nespresso® water softener and 16 ounces of water. Fill the water tank with water and add the descaling solution. Please be cautious, this is a slightly corrosive liquid. Then, turn on the machine. Some machines have a “descaling mode” that can be turned on when you press and hold the two buttons on your machine for 3 seconds until they are permanently lit. After, place the water tank back into the machine and place a container under the faucet of the machine. Let all the liquid run through the machine. If your machine does not have this mode, simply press the button for coffee.

Once all the water has run through and been collected, place it back into the water tank and run through a second time to ensure thorough cleaning. When you have completed these steps, rinse the water tank very carefully, so that no residue of the descaling liquid remains. Fill the entire water tank with clean water, and run it through the machine. Repeat this process at least once with fresh water. Now you can enjoy the next espresso!