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What is Fair Trade Coffee and Should You Buy It?

What exactly is fair trade coffee? Does it really matter if you buy it?

This is not an easy question to answer...but the place to start is this: Why is coffee such a big deal?
Put it very simply, coffee is the second most traded product worldwide, largely produced by the poorest countries in the world, but consumed by the richest countries in the world. So as a consumer, decisions that are made on a daily basis, have definitely a decisive influence on the market. United Kingdom is one of the largest coffee importers in the world. As an English buyer, you have a great decision about how the coffee market will change in the future.

A coffee bean is kept for up to 25 years. From the third year onwards the shrub yields a harvest yield of between 5 and 8 kg per year, which corresponds to about 1 to 2 kg of bean coffee after production. Coffee is produced to 80% by 25 million small farmers who have less than 10 hectares of land available. These often earn less than $ 2 a day and are confronted with fluctuations in the world market price, climate change, weak negotiating positions and crop failures. The global market price of raw coffee fluctuates between $ 1.20 and $ 1.70 per kilo. Even without further figures and calculations, one can see how low the merit of small-scale farmers is and how much they are disadvantaged in the world market.

We at Gourmesso stand for fair, sustainable coffee, transparency and sense of responsibility. That is why we use Fairtrade-certified coffee for all Gourmesso varieties.

Fairtrade and Organic Coffee Plantation

Fair Trade supports a resource and environmentally friendly production.

What does Fair trade mean exactly?

You might be surprised to learn that fair trade means more than just a fair price. It has set itself the task of supporting small farmers and mergers, by improving the living and working conditions of disadvantaged producers around the world. By means of minimum prices, Fairtrade ensures a better standard of living for the coffee producers, as well as co-right to speak and workplace safety. Forced labor and child labor, wages below the subsistence level and inhumane working conditions, which are otherwise commonplace in the coffee market, are hampered by Fairtrade. Through the purchase of Fairtrade products, Fairtrade supports projects in the social, environmental and economic sectors.

The Fairtrade seal is primarily a social seal, but it can also be used as a sign of environmental sustainability. All Fairtrade certified farms are subject to certain environmental standards. Various pesticides are prohibited, more than 50% of all Fairtrade products come from organic farming. Fairtrade gives small farmers and associations special bonuses for the conversion to ecological building methods. No synthetic plant protection products or chemical additives may be used in organic farming. So the climate, soils and ground water are spared and the coffee unfolds its natural taste. Who buys Fairtrade so not only soothes his conscience, but decides for high quality, natural coffee. In addition to the aspect of fairness, sustainability and quality, fairtrade for transparency . Any fairtrade coffee can be traced back to coffee-making. You will find out where your coffee really comes from, in which cultivation areas it has matured and how it was produced.

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Are there critics of Fair trade?

Yes! Many argue that fair trade certification doesn’t fix the problem and the main question mark is if it really helps the workers. So does it really help the workers? Some argue that since the farmers or land owners get the profits, the very poor migrant worker in the fields isn’t benefited. The poor ones, might not being reaping the rewards.

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Should you buy fair trade Gourmesso coffee capsules?

Gourmesso says: yes!

  • The Fair Trade movement may not be perfect, but it’s a start. There may be flaws with the system, but the workers are paid fair wages, with additional returns being invested into the farming community.
  • We Gourmesso believe we are making a difference by starting offering you the largest selection of Fairtrade capsules in the market and working closely with our producers. If you want to learn more about the relationship between Fairtrade and Gourmesso, read about our example with the Fairtrade Tarrazu Forte Blend here .
  • Finally, your purchasing decision is crucial to whether and how the economy changes and there’s no way around it: your money matters. Every dollar You spend can help or hurt someone, somewhere. Choose consciously Fairtrade Coffee!
  • Discover fair-trade coffee from the best cultivation areas of the world at home conveniently.